Pro Lure NEW Fishtail 130mm Soft Plastic Fishing Lure 19

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Pro Lure NEW Fishtail 130mm Soft Plastic Fishing Lure 19

The new 2019 model Pro Lure Fishtail now comes without a top fin and a shallow split belly which has been added to aid weedless rigging with worm hooks, and the removal of the dorsal fin replacing it with a shallow groove along the back making it easier to rig straight and align jigheads as well as having a protecting channel for weedless worm hook points to sit snugly. Lastly a slight narrowing up front so standard jigheads sits cleaner. The new Pro Lure FIshtail is also introducing a new colour into the range, Albino. as well as still producing the older colours, Brown Bass, Mangrove Gold, Pearl Sardine, Lime Pepper and Midnight. The new Fishtail Albino colour is available in all sizes in the Fishtail range, which include 80mm, 105mm and 130mm. 


  • Target river and estuary Mulloway at night using the ambient light from civic structures such as wharfs, bridges and break walls especially around the tide changes.
  • Use the bigger Fishtails (105mm,130mm) when targeting big fish, particularly when you’re hunting huge Flathead.
  • When hunting for record book Flathead, try a smaller Fishtail like the 80mm to assess if there are Flathead in the area. If you get a smaller Flatty, change up to the 130mm. There are monster Lizards there, you must persist.
  • The Fishtail is a Mulloway special. If you expect your location holds Jew, drop a Fishtail to the bottom and start with a slow to medium retrieve with a few hops and pauses. Be ready to strike at even the slightest inquiry as jewfish are known for softly tapping the lure.


Type Length Jig Heads Depth Colour Range Technique Rig
Paddle Tail 80mm, 105mm, 130mm Light through to heavy Generally fished on the bottom, but works well throughout the water column Brown Bass, Mangrove Gold, Pearl Sardine, Lime Pepper, Midnight Slow to medium retrieve. Straight retrieve alone or with hops and pauses Optimum lure action is achieved using braid. Fish as light as you dare, considering species and location. Heavier leader for fish like flathead is advisable and is also best when fishing rocks and snags. Use ProLure CLEAR Fluorocarbon Leader
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