AFW Mighty-Mini Snap Swivels

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AFW Mighty-Mini Snap Swivels

AFW Mighty-Mini Crane and Snap Swivels are designed to be the strongest you can buy, but small to make it harder for fish to see them. It has long been known that wary fish shy away from easily visible rigging hardware so the smaller the swivels the less visual footprint they have in the water. It doesn’t matter if you’re fishing for largemouth bass with a Carolina rig or for the biggest fish that swim - it’s just a matter of scale. The clearer the water the more rigging hardware becomes an inhibiting factor to getting bites! For AFW to offer the smallest, strongest swivels they had to rethink the design, materials and manufacturing process. A crane type swivel is comprised of a body or barrel, and two rings formed out of wire that turn inside the body. The earliest generation of crane swivels was manufactured completely out of brass because it is corrosion resistant metal that was easily formed using the manufacturing equipment of the day. Brass is a relatively soft metal, which is a blessing and a curse. It’s easy to form, but swivels have to be large to be strong and even then the metal can deform or fail under extreme pressures. The second generation employed stainless steel rings, but still used a brass body to anchor them. The steel was stronger and allowed for a slightly smaller swivel overall, but the brass body was still a weak point which required the finished product to be larger and therefore more visible in the water. Enter the Mighty-Mini by AFW. These tiny powerhouse swivels are manufactured completely out of stainless steel. To make tiny parts out of such strong metal new manufacturing equipment and techniques were required, but that also allowed for tighter tolerances and smoother rotational qualities. In other words, the swivels turn more easily and provide more protection from line twist. A gunmetal black finish reduces the reflectivity making them superior in size and function to any crane swivels that came before. Mighty-Mini Crane Swivels are available in eight sizes from the strongest (size 1/0) to the smallest (size 14), which is a mere ¼" long and 1/16" in diameter yet has an incredible breaking strength of 78-pounds! You could take it to a gym and lift three 25-lb. plates without a failure. Now that’s incredible! Features

  • 100% Stainless Steel
  • 3x Stronger than brass swivels
  • Compact size for reduced visibility
  • Tight tolerances assure smooth rotation
  • Gunmetal black finish


Code Size Test (lb) Pcs.
AFWMMS6 6 70lb 5
AFWMMS5 5 120lb 5
AFWMMS3 3 170lb 4
AFWMMS2 2 270lb 3
AFWMMS1 1 320lb 3
AFWMMS2/0 2/0 450lb 2
AFWMMS4/0 4/0 600lb 2
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