Blackfish Ocean Rocks Combo ICatch Luderick Series with Shimano Sedona

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Blackfish Ocean Rocks Combo ICatch Luderick Series with Shimano Sedona

This Combo is designed for fishing for Blackfish Drummer and Bream off the rocks and will also double as a very nice light beach rod for Bream And whiting. It has a slow taper typical of a Blackfish rod but has a bit more grunt down low giving you the ability to pole fish up, something you need to do when fishing off the rocks to prevent getting close to the water's edge. The rod will not only suit fishing floats but will throw small unweighted or lightly weighted baits for Drummer and bream very well. The reel is a Shimano Sedona 5000, the Shimano Sedona is a great lightweight with a smooth drag and comes with Shimano's 10year warranty. The Line is Platypus Monofilament, we recommend Monofilament for our blackfish combos as braid sinks and creates more resistance leaving you less chance of setting the hook when the float goes down and you strike.  

This Combo Includes 

  • ICatch Luderick Ocean Series 12''
  • Shimano Sedona 5000
  • Platypus Monofilament 15lb


Shimano Sedona 5000

The iconic Shimano Sedona has stepped up a gear for 2017 with the new FI series. In the pursuit of engineering excellence, Shimano has again raised the standard with the incorporation of the Hagane cold forged gear. By leveraging Shimano’s unique metalworking technologies, 200 tons of pressure is applied to the raw metal, resulting in a perfectly formed gear that is free from any machine cutting or imperfections. This transformation process is unlike any other in the world and was once reserved for reels within Shimano’s premium range. This is why the introduction of Hagane Gear into the Sedona series represents a significant step towards the ultimate in smooth, strong and durable fishing reels. In addition to Hagane Gear, the Sedona FI series features G Free Body, developed to shift the reel’s center of gravity closer to the rod, improving casting performance and reducing angler fatigue. To further promote casting performance, Shimano’s AR-C Spool design produces longer casting distances and prevents the formation of backlashes and wind knots, whilst Varispeed II ensures even line lay, making the Sedona FI ideal for braided and monofilament line use. Dedicated to all light tackle pursuits, ranging from bream on bait to snapper on plastics. With 6 models in the series ranging from 1000 up to 5000 sizes, all feature 3+1 bearings and the drag output varies between 3kgs and 11kgs depending on the model. When compared to the previous Sedona FE model, the Sedona FI boasts a significant upgrade with Hagane Gear, a redesigned rotor that is lighter and an improved drag output on the 3000 through to the 5000 sizes. Drawing upon the benefits of Shimano’s market leading technologies and finished in stunning silver and gold cosmetics, the Sedona FI represents exception value at a price point that is accessible to all anglers. 


  • 3+1
  • Moderate Crank Power Rating
  • Front Drag
  • 66-105 Retrieve Range (cm)
  • Moderate Cast Rating
  • 3-11 Drag Power Range (kg)
  • Hagane Gear
  • 215-300 Weight Range (g)


  • AR-C Spool
  • Dyna-Balance
  • G Free Body
  • Hagane Gear
  • Varispeed II

Warranty: 10 years Shimano Australia warranty. 


ICatch Luderick Series Spinning Rods

Slow taper rods designed for fishing for luderick, Bream and drummer off the rocks. A soft tip and sturdy butt section for lifting your catch up to the ledge. Rods are perfect for float fishing and casting small baits.

Available in two sizes:

Model Length Weight Pieces
Estuary Spin 10'6" 3-6kg 2
Ocean Spin 12' 4-7kg 2
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Brand Shimano

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