Daiwa 24kg Game Fishing Overhead Combo Saltiga LD with Tournament Game Rod

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Daiwa 24kg Game Fishing Overhead Combo Saltiga LD with Tournament Game Rod

If you're after the top of the line in light tackle game fishing, this is the perfect outfit for you. Daiwa has developed a super strong and durable, yet light and powerful Saltiga Overhead reel, with top of the line components built to last a lifetime, with the perfect rod to match. Daiwa's Saltiga LD 2 speed reels have been proven not only themselves, but through their previous models, to be a super strong, long lasting reel, now equipped with the best and newest technology, super smooth winding, and very powerful yet smooth drag. The reel this combo is equipped with is a Daiwa Saltiga LD 2 Speed 60, which is the perfect size for light tackle game fishing, with enough line capacity to tackle whatever you hook. The combo is spooled with a braided line backing, and a monofilament topshot. The braided line used for this outfit is Daiwa's top of the range J-Braid 8 strand braided fishing line. The reel has the spool capacity to be able to hold approximately 500 metres of 65lb J-Braid, which then allows you to fit approximately 150m of 24kg Momoi monofilament topshot, which is the top of the range in game fishing monofilament lines. The mono topshot is connected to the braid by a PR or FG knot, which has been proven to be one of the strongest braid to mono connections. This braid backing and mono topshot has been increasingly popular in gamefishing, not just for light lines, but also up to 37kg and 60kg outfits, which is why Daiwa has spent the time making the perfect rod for the job. Daiwa's Tournament Game Overhead rods are designed to be able to fish with this new age game fishing technique, being super lightweight yet strong, making it easy to fish stand up, even without a harness. The Daiwa Tournament Game Overhead rod has been made to have a nice soft tip, which is perfect when trolling lures to drive that hook into a fish, whether a light guage hook for marlin or heavier guaged hook for tuna, and for live baiting to absorb the initial pressure of the hook up and let that circle hook find its mark perfectly, but plenty of power down low if you need to put a little more hurt on a fish which is hanging down deep. Equipped with a slightly longer butt also gives you a much more comfortable position for winding with the reel up a little higher, particularly easier when not in a harness. Overall, this is a very well thought out light tackle game fishing combo by Daiwa, if you are after a combo you won't need to replace for a lifetime and is a pleasure to use, this is the one for you.


This combo comes with:

    -   Daiwa Saltiga LD 2 Speed 60 Overhead Game Fishing Reel

    -   Daiwa 20 Tournament Game 15/24kg Fishing Rod

    -   Daiwa J Braid x8 Multi 500m 65 lb

    -   150m of Momoi 24kg monofilament


Daiwa 20 Tournament Overhead Game Fishing Rod

Designed to match the New Daiwa Saltiga Lever Drag range of conventional reels, Daiwa’s TOURNAMENT Game rods will meet the demands of game anglers across Australia. The Daiwa TOURNAMENT Game Rods deliver the most requested actions for light-tackle game fishing. The Tournament game rods hgave been designed to perfectly match the Saltiga Lever drag reels, in both Balance and weight. 

Featuring a custom alloy straight butt which has been made slightly longer than most, TOURNAMENT Game rods position the reel at the perfect height for stand-up fishing. A heavy-duty Fuji reel seat secures your reel with confidence, and Fuji Stainless Steel Corrosion Control (BC) Alconite guides protect monofilament and braided lines even under heavy drag pressure and consistently long runs.

Scrutinised over many prototypes, the action of TOURNAMENT Game is unlike anything Daiwa has produced before, with three models catering to everything from 8kg to 24kg. The extra length in of the Blank the Tournament Game rods are built on means a perfect tip action that keeps lures swimming and help pin the hooks into your target species, Daiwa's TOURNAMENT Game rods feature comfortable actions, folding away beautifully allowing the angler to lean into the harness and feel confident in the rod's ability to plane stubborn fish without unnecessary pain. Like all of Daiwa's rods the Tournament Game rods are built tough with the angler in mind. 




















20 TOURNAMENT GAME 8/10 Overhead 1 + Butt 6’6”/198cm Medium Reg N/A 8-10kg 13951 $399.00
20 TOURNAMENT GAME 10/15 Overhead 1 + Butt 6'2"/188cm Medium Heavy Reg N/A 10-15kg 13952 $399.00
20 TOURNAMENT GAME 15/24 Overhead 1 + Butt 6'2"/188cm Heavy Reg N/A 15-24kg 13953 $399.00


Daiwa Saltiga LD 2 Speed 35 Lever Drag Overhead Game Fishing Reel

Introducing the brand new 20 Saltiga Lever Drag (LD), crafted from the ground up to meet the demands of hardcore saltwater anglers around the world.

Over half a decade in the making, Saltiga LD combines everything learnt from across the globe. From the USA, South Africa, New Zealand & Australia, every bit of feedback and learning has been absorbed and rolled into what can only be described as Daiwa’s best lever drag reel ever made.

It all starts with the precisely machined one-piece aluminium body and side plates. This rigid housing holds what sets Saltiga LD apart from the competition – a meticulously crafted drive gear & pinion gear made from insanely durable Stainless Steel. Stainless Steel gears are harder than brass and much more resistant to the harsh saltwater fields in which this reel will be used. Stainless Steel gearing is often criticised for lacking smoothness, but Daiwa engineers have overcome this, producing a gear set that is refined and smooth, yet more powerful & durable than anything else on the market.

Saltiga LD has had improvements in all areas of the reel, addressing areas of concern that top anglers identified with lever drag reels of the past. A drag cam design that is smooth and capable of handling both braid and monofilament lines is one of the obvious improvements. The lever itself has been totally redesigned to allow finite and precise drag control even at very low settings, a feature loved by livebait anglers especially. 20 Saltiga LD was designed to be beautifully simple, and incredibly strong. Available in single- and two-speed designs from size 10-60.

Daiwa’s Automatic Tournament Drag uses an improved drag grease that exhibits a low viscosity at rest, yet becomes more viscous immediately after drag start up. This reduces initial drag start-up inertia and combined with the structural changes of the ATD Drag System results in a smoother drag from the initial hook up.

A lever control system that allows drag pressure to be easily applied by pushing the lever forward. Allows for increased pressure to applied, and is ideal for jigging and deep water angling.

Lightweight and incredibly strong, Machine Cut Alloy provides body strength and reduced weight to be achieved without the cost and corrosion issues of other metals.

Harder & stronger than any other material, Stainless Steel significantly increases gear longevity. Unmatched against corrosion, Stainless Steel gears will help fight against pitting and premature wear which can lead to increased feedback.

LD10H 6.3 445g 6 CRBB; 1RB 12kg 20lb-330m 12/270, 14/220 Soft Touch 26194
LD15H 6.3 480g 6 CRBB; 1RB 12kg 30lb-330m 12/310, 14/270 Soft Touch 26196
LD20H 6.3 495g 6 CRBB; 1RB 12kg 40lb-300m 14/350, 20/210 Soft Touch 26199
LD35-2SPD 5.8/3.1 700g 6 CRBB 18kg 65lb-330m 20/300, 25/240 Soft Touch 26203
LD35JH 6.3 590g 6 CRBB; 1RB 18kg 40lb-330m - Aluminum T-Bar 26205
LD35JP 5.1 590g 6 CRBB; 1RB 18kg 40lb-330m - Aluminum T-Bar 26206
LD40-2SPD 5.8/3.1 745g 6 CRBB 18kg 65lb-480m 25/400, 30/270 Soft Touch 26208
LD50-2SPD 5.8/3.1 845g 6 CRBB 18kg 80lb-460m 20/660, 30/440 Aluminum T-Bar 26211
LD55-2SPD 5.2/2.3 1050g 6 CRBB 20kg 80lb-550m 30/440, 40/340 Aluminum T-Bar 26213
LD55JP 5.2 890g 6 CRBB; 1RB 20kg 65lb-440m - Aluminum T-Bar 26214
LD60-2SPD 5.2/2.3 1090g 6 CRBB 20kg 100lb-550m 30/550, 40/420 Aluminum T-Bar
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