Daiwa Emeraldas Stream Rattle Red Stripe Green Cedar 3.0

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Daiwa Emeraldas Stream Rattle Squid Jigs 3.0

Daiwa Japans latest premium squid jig has hit our shores. The Daiwa Emeraldas Stream Rattle Squid Jigs are truly unique and feature many design innovations that make it the most one of effective Squid jigs available on the market today. The Emeraldas Stream Rattle is a visual and action jig, the Emeraldas Stream Rattle Squi Jigs have a unique life like pattern design incorporated with a rattle system which is designed to attract a squid by sight, sound and action. Unique to this squid jig is the new Gliding wing design, rather than traditional feathers on the jig, the Emeraldas Stream Rattle utilize plastic wings. These wings allow the Emeraldas jig to glide smoothly when ripped and glide in current more naturally compared to a standard design. The Daiwa Stream Rattle is just not another jig it’s a complete eging system that incorporates accessories to broaden the horizons of this unique jig. Featuring attachment points that are designed to use in conjunction with the Agorig Sinker system and the Daiwa Squd EG-Snap , this allows for changes in sink speed, depth and angle. By attaching the Agorig sinker to the keel eye the jig will glide slowly at a 30-45 degree angle, but when attached to an EG-Snap the lure will sink rapidly at a 75 degree angle making the Emeraldas rattle the ultimate Jihgg for fishing for big squid in deep water or in high current situations. The Daiwa Emeraldas Stream Rattle Squid weight in at 11.5 grams make it a great Squid Jig for rock fisherman who want to get distance and ned heir Squid Jig to sink fast.


  • Model: Emeraldas Stream Rattle 3.0
  • Type: Jig
  • Length: 110mm
  • Weight: 11.5g
  • Depth: 0 to bottom
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Brand Daiwa
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