Daiwa Saltist Demon Blood V2 Overhead Fishing Rods

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Daiwa Saltist Demon Blood Fishing Overhead Rods

With a “more muscle and less fat” attitude at the core of its design, Saltist Demon Blood 17 combines the reputation of the famous Saltist name with contemporary styling, features and the latest design concepts to release from the crypt a heavy duty rod series that will make your blood boil and awaken the angling demon within. Integrating many of Daiwa’s technologies including HVF, 3DX, X45, Glatech and V-Joint, Demon Blood has few peers when it comes to technology. At the heart of the Demon Blood’s blank design is HVF – High Volume Fibre, this combines precise resin control with unidirectional graphite fibre to produce a blank with maximum graphite density. X45 features heavily within the series and involves a cross directional wrapping method in blank construction to eliminate blank twist and distortion to increases rod strength, function, and sensitivity. 3DX further enhances blank performance and involves a three-dimensional carbon weave at the lower section of the rod. By knitting densely packed carbon fibres in 3 directions to create a six wrap rectangular weave, the power is distributed evenly in all directions, allowing the blank to maintain its form when loaded. This new support system allows the rod’s power to be located at the lower section of the rod for more power and less angler fatigue. This leaves the upper section of the blank to absorb all the weight during a battle with a large fish rather than the angler. V-Joint technology takes the performance and strength of Demon Blood’s multi-piece rods to another level, with the Bias Wrap construction within the joint allowing the rod ferrule to flex with the rod to eliminate week spots, and ensure that multi-piece blanks match the performance of one-piece blanks in flex, power and responsiveness. Comfort and control go hand in hand with full length ultra tough, EVA grips fitting seamlessly and comfortably in your hand and blending seamlessly with the Demon Blood’s reel seats to allow you to take complete control of the rod and reel and reap the full benefits and power of the blank.

The Daiwa Demon Blood Overhead Jigging range consists of 3 models that will cover most applications and water depths, The Demon Blood 60-3/4B  is the lightest in the Demon Blood range and is rated for PE 3-4 so it makes for a good inshore Kingfish, bottom bashing and light bait fishing rod, The Demom Blood 4/5B overhead is a good in between rod and will do fine on big kingfish but still light enough in physical weight that it is comfortable for heavier bottom bashing and jigging with all day. The Demon Blood 60-4/5B is probably the best in the range when it comes down to General Jigging around Australia as most reefs that are jigged as the jig range is 210-330g that will do all the deeper reefs. 

The Heaviest in the Daiwa Demon Blood Range is the Demon Blood 56-6/8B and is a great rod for heavy Livebaiting, downrigging and deep water jigging, The Demon Blood 56-6/8B has a jig rating of up 400g so it is something that can be quite hard when fishing deep water in rouygh condition and the drift is very fast as without the ability to use heavy jigs you just can't get the jigs to the fish.. 



  • HVF
  • 3DX
  • X45
  • Bias Wrap construction blanks
  • Glatech Construction on select models
  • V-Joint
  • Fuji Alconite K guides
  • Heavy duty Fuji reel seats with locking rings
  • Ultra tuff EVA grips


Model Type Sections Length Action Taper Cast Weight Line Rating
DB 56-5/6B Overhead 1 167cm Medium Heavy Regular 150 - 300 gm PE 5 - 6
DB 56-6/8B Overhead 1 167cm Heavy Regular 210-350g PE 6 - 8
DB 60-5/6 Overhead 1 183cm Extra Heavy Regular 250-400g PE 5 - 6
DB 60-4/5B Overhead 1 183cm Heavy Fast 210-330g PE 4 - 5
DB 60-3/4B Overhead 1 183cm Medium Fast 150-250g PE 3 - 4
DB 60-2/3B Overhead 1 183cm Medium Light Fast 90-180g PE 2 - 3
DB 601MS-BJ Bay Jig OH 1 183cm BJ M Regular Max 80 gm PE 0.8 - 1.5
DB 601MHS-BJ Bay Jig OH 1 183cm BJ MH Regular Max 180 gm PE 1 - 3
DB 56-3/5 Jig Spin 1 167cm Medium Regular 90-180g PE 3 - 5
DB 56-6/8 Jig Spin 1 167cm Heavy Regular 210-250g PE 6 - 8
DB 601MS-BJ Bay Jig Spin 1 183cm BJ M Regular Max 80 gm PE 0.8 - 1.5
DB 601MHS-BJ Bay Jig Spin 1 183cm BJ MH Regular Max 180 gm PE 1 - 3
DB 62S Jig Spin 1 188cm Medium Light Regular 30-120 gm PE 2 - 3
DB 64CJ Jig Spin 2 193cm Medium Light Fast 60-120g PE 2 - 4
DB 72MH Spin 2 213cm Medium Heavy Fast 60-120g PE 3 - 5
DB 792XH Spin 2 236cm Extra Heavy Fast 90-230g PE 5 - 6
DB 82XXH Spin 2 244cm Extra Heavy Fast 150-300g PE 8
DB 962MH Spin 2 290cm Medium Fast 50-120g PE 2 - 4


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