Daiwa Tatula RIGHT HANDED Cod and Barra Heavy Baitcast Combo

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Daiwa Tatula RIGHT HANDED Cod and Barra Heavy Baitcast Combo

A baitcast combo suitable for impoundment and river applications for Barra and Murray Cod. An ever reliable Daiwa Tatula Baitcast rod matched to a Daiwa Tatula delivers effortless smooth casting of lighter lures suited to these native species such as large spinnerbaits, hardbody lures, surface walking lure and large swimbaits for targetting Australian Pelagics in river systems and Impoundments. Furthermore this combo can double as a heavier setup for snag dwelling species such as Mangrove Jack and Australian Bass. 

Combo consists of:

  • Daiwa Tatula LTD 200H
  • Daiwa Tatula 732HB
  • Daiwa J Braid x8 Multi 30lb 150m


The Tatula HD 200 H LTD is here! The stylish black design combined with top-of-the-range features make this reel a true delight for Freshwater Native fishermen in particular. The 200-class reel is compact and light (230g). This enables holding the reel in the palm of your hand, thus making fishing more enjoyable.

The sturdy aluminium housing is the foundation of this reel. The deep aluminium spool and 100mm aluminium handle with grippy I-shaped knobs ensure a good grip of the reel. The gearing is constructed from durable machined brass.

The high-end features of the reel include Daiwa’s ingenious TWS line guide that makes it easier to cast and increases the length. Once you have tried a reel equipped with the TWS, you won’t want to go back! The gear ratio of the new Tatula HD 200 LTD is 6.3:1, i.e. . One rotation of the handle reels in 71 cm of line.
All seven bearings of the reel are CRBB bearings (corrosion-resistant ball bearing). 

The Daiwa Tatula Baitcasters are the next level in baitcaster reel technology, they are matched perfectly with the Daiwa TD Sol, Tatula, TD hyper and V2 Black label rods. The Tatula reels are well balanced and versatile reels that can be used for a wide range of fishing applications, the smooth drag means they can be applied to target bread and butter species but still capable of targetting big cod and Barra.

TATULA HD 200H LTD 7 (2CRBB); 1RB 6KG 6.3 PE 4/155M 230G 27196


The Rod

The iconic Tatula series of rods gets the upgrade you’ve all been waiting for. With brand new components, new actions and enhanced performance get ready for the best Tatula rods ever. Our innovative spiral palming grip is supremely comfortable and secure even under heavy drag pressures. Fuji’s new anti-tangle LKW alconite guides reduce weight and enhance sensitivity. 3DX carbon on the bottom section of the SVF graphite blank increases lifting power, giving you the strength to turn heads. Gear up to target any of Australia’s iconic predators with 11 models including 3 swimbait specific actions.

SVF blanks featuring 3DX carbon is where it all begins. SVF graphite is all about pure strength to weight ratio. By using SVF graphite, we've been able to keep weight down. By adding 3DX to the butt section, we've enhanced lifting power without adding unnecessary weight. 

Fuji's brand-new LKW frame guides is a huge leap forward for lightweight stainless steel double foot guides. The new LKW frame is much lighter than its predecessor. It's also shorter, meaning bindings can be kept smaller and the overall effect of guides & bindings is kept to the minimum.

We've gone all-out on the new Tatula rods to deliver a range of bait cast rods suited to our heavy-handed Australian fishing style. Fuji PLS 'Palming Support' reel seats is just the beginning. This reel seat is supremely comfortable with a wide profile base, making it ideal for both small and large reels alike. 
Our new spiral palming grip is supremely comfortable and incredibly secure. Tatula rods get used in the harshest conditions. Freezing mornings chasing Murray Cod are no longer a problem with the Spiral Palming Grip, gloves or no gloves, that rod isn't going anywhere.

Swimbait Models
There is now three Swimbait models in the new Tatula lineup. A 732HB which is ideally suited to small swimbaits, large soft plastics, topwater paddling style lures, big mumblers and spinnerbaits. With a shorter overall length and slightly shorter handle, this is the 'All Rounder' of the swimbait lineup. Suited to cast a maximum of 100 grams, this is your do everything Murray Cod and Barramundi weapon.

The 76XH-SB is the mid-size swimbait sensation. Suited to cast up to 200 grams, this rod will handle almost all the popular swimbaits on the market today. A good overall length of 7'6" combined with the perfect length handle to launch lures over the horizon. 

The new addition to the lineup, the 79XXH-SB is your big bait special. Designed for the largest swimbaits and glide baits available. The 79XXH-SB will cast them all. At 7'9" in length with an extra long handle, this rod has been designed with fisheries like Copeton Dam where big baits reign supreme. 

All Tatula Swimbait models feature double locking reel seats for extra security, a short fore grip and detachable butts for easy transport. 

Featuring eight baitcaster and three swimbait models in the range the new Tatula rod series is the mid range series designed for the angler looking for that ultimate balance between performance and price. Whether your taste is for bass, barra, cod or mangrove jack the new Tatula series is one that’s sure to draw you in to its angling web. 


Tatula 732HB Heavy Max 100g 7'3""/221cm 9-15kg 2-Butt 15608 Mod-Fast Swimbait 15608
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