Eze Lap Flat Diamond Plate 15

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Eze Lap Diamond Sharpener Flat Plate 15cm

The Professionals Choice Eze Lap Flat Diamond Plates are precision tools - true, tough and unbreakable! They will not dish out like normal oil stones. They sharpen hardened metal and will cut in all directions. Use dry or with water. They retain their sharpening ability for years of trade use. Clean regularly with detergent and water. Ideal for: All knives, chisels, planners, routers
  • Product Code: Model 61F
  • Fine 600 Grit: General purpose sharpening for all tools and knives.
  • 150mm long
  • 50mm wide
  • 6mm thick
  • Steel Plate
  • Includes adhesive non slip rubber feet.
Why use Eze Lap sharpeners?
  • Made in the USA
  • Dual bonded, smooth consistent diamond array
  • HRC 72
  • Proven quality with over 25 years of sales in Australia
  • Cut fast using light pressure
  • Easy to use
  • Durable and robust
  • Versatile - you can file, sharpen and hone
  • Used wet or dry
  • Plates stay true & flat
The Dual Bonding Process Eze Lap use a dual bonding and patented heat treatment process to create a smooth consistent diamond array bonded to a stainless substrate that measures 72 Rockwell C hardness. This is very hard wearing. The diamonds remove metal, the hardened bond hones the edge. This allows the edge angle to be lowered on knife blades to (7-10O). By using a circular rubbing motion a long convex radius shape is achieved which gives correct strength behind the leading edge that is very durable and long lasting. Instruction for use To establish an edge, lay the knife flat on the diamond surface, lift the blade spine slightly, use a circular rubbing motion firmly first then finish with lighter strokes. Change sides often. To maintain this sharp edge, only a light up and down “lick” on both sides is required. The “butchers” action can also be used with fewer lighter strokes (remember the diamonds do the work!). Our surface starts off rough, once “broken in” it then becomes very smooth. The smoother they are the better they sharpen. Wash regularly with soapy water, particularly after seawater use. Store dry.
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