Hayabusa FS430 Jack Eye Marunomy 40g Micro Jig

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Hayabusa FS430 Jack Eye Marunomy 40g Micro Jig

The Hayabusa Jack Eye FS430 jigs will impress you with their casting abilities and user friendly profile. These are jigs that have a wide profile and can be used in a variety of Casting or Vertical fishing techniques. One of the basic fishing techniques they serve is Light Shore Jigging, nevertheless they possess all the technical characteristics for Super Light Slow Jigging, addressing the needs of vertical fishing enthusiasts.

Their metallic body is asymmetric, center balanced and each side differs to the other. One side is slightly round, resembling a boat’s keel and the other more conical, with two levels intersecting each other, much like the sides of a pyramid. Hayabusa has added decoration finishing on each FS430 jig, without following a specific pattern. It added glitter details, or not, vertical lines, or holographic effect, zebra pattern on one side, etc. As a result you get a variety of color combinations.

Also the Marunomy jigs produce a fluttering motion during descent, exposing a different side at different stages of the fall.

Front and rear assist hooks come as standard rigging, so they can be used immediately. Hayabusa utilised the highly appealing Holo Flash Isaki hooks on the front and the Chinu hook in the tail, all rigged on an 1 cm assist line. After casting, retrieve the jig in a subtle manner, then let it fall horizontally, producing the natural motion of a dying bait fish.

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