Jigging Master Wiki Violent Slow VS1500XH Left Hand Black Gold Overhead Reel

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Jigging Master Wiki Violent Slow VS1500XH Left Hand Black Gold Overhead Reel

An era of level wind of un-depended on hand movement is coming. Best choice for new beginner, best helper for expert to increase fishing skill.
New generation Wiki 2000H reel named to “WIKI VIOLENT SLOW JIGGING REEL”, model size are 2000H (1:5.3) / 3000H (1:5.3) / 5000H (1:5.0) and high speed 1500XH (1:6.3) / 2000XH (1:6.3)/ 3000XH (1:6.3) , total 6 models and right hand & left hand will be on market .
The new Wiki Jigging Violent Style fishing reel features enhanced external finish with aluminum oxide and bright colors. Internally this new Wiki Jigging series is constructed with forging technique, superior performance gear, JM power spell lever drag, JM design industry leading free spooling, JM synchronous lever wind system, which are features you found in the JM power spell reels and JM Underhead reel. Engineered to outperform, the Wiki 2017 is the first lever wind conventional reel leading innovation with superior design, reliability, and performance.

※ Characteristic
1, JM specific stainless ball bearing (13 pcs) + JM one way bearing (2 pcs)
2, Superior synchronous lever wind system and free spool
3, Superior JM drag system that is robust, reliable, and water-proof!
4, Adjustable line-guide to keep line synchronous. 
5, Optimized disassembling guide claw nut. 
6, JM extra tough stainless steel drive gear-high speed set for optimized strength and operation. 
7, Copper driver gear for stable and robust lever wind system.
8, Military grade steel guide claw & double helix lever wind. 
9, Integrated bottom lock. (strength 50+kg / 110 lbs up )  
10,Available in various gear ratio, speed, left, and right hand.
11, It is running full range swim range , don’t worry fishing line is crowded and less damage for line.
12, SYNCRO Lever Wind System: when you fight the big fish, smooth line releasing by designed spool.


※ Model: VS-1500XH / VS-2000H / VS-2000XH / VS-3000H / VS-3000XH / VS-5000H (Right hand & Left hand) Information
※ Color:#Black/Gold , #Brown/Gold, #Red/Gold, #Blue/Gold
※ Gear Ratio:
-1500XH- RH&LH (1:6.3)
-2000H- RH&LH (1:5.3) / 2000XH -RH&LH (1:6.3)
-3000H- RH&LH (1:5.3) / 3000XH RH&LH (1:6.3)
-5000H- RH&LH (1:5.0)
※ Reel body weight & Arm+Knob weight
-1500XH: 420g + 60g
-2000H: 505g + 60g
-2000XH: 520g + 65g
-3000H: 650g + 80g
-3000XH: 680g + 83g
-5000H: ˊ699g + 99g
※ Retrieved speed/ Crank:
-1500XH: 96cm
-2000H: 89.7cm
-2000XH: 106.6cm
-3000H: 106.5cm
-3000XH: 126.6cm
-5000H: 110cm
※ Fishing PE Line capacity:
-1500XH: JM PE LINE #1.2 – 600m / #1.8 - 420m
-2000H- XH:JM PE LINE #1.8 - 600m / #2.5 - 500m
-3000H- XH:JM PE LINE #2.5 - 850m / #3.5 - 600m
-5000H:JM PE LINE #4.0-800m / #3.0-950m / #2.5-1100m / #2.0-1200m up
※ Handle arm length:
-1500XH: 108mm
-2000H: 108mm
-2000XH: 113mm
-3000H: 118mm
-3000XH: 132mm
-5000H: 125mm
Designed by Jigging Master Taiwan.

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