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Pro Lure Live Yabbie 60mm

The Live Yabbie is an intricate, realistic Yabbie profile lure, with an extremely well balanced natural sink rate that fish find completely irresistible. The Live Yabbie is an example of a purpose designed and built lure. The Pvhere was plenty of debate and discussion and any number of draughts before a finval design was chosen for prototype. The initial testing was very successful- the fish devoured it. A few tweaks refined the initial design, and shortly after concept, version 2 was ready for testing. Pro Lure engaged some high profile tournament anglers as part of the testing regime and they were nothing short of astonished with the results. Not only were they catching fish, they were catching tournament winning monsters over the Kilo plus mark consistently. Needless to say, the Live Yabbie quickly became one of Pro Lures most sought after lures. This is a heads up for all Bream specialists. The Live Yabbie is an exceptional lure for targeting exceptional Bream. LIVE YABBIE PRIMARY TARGET SPECIES Large Bream OTHER PROVEN LIVE YABBIE TARGET SPECIES All Species that target Yabbies. Cast to Flathead, Whiting, Bass and Perch species HOW AND WHERE TO USE THE LIVE YABBIE Fish bridges, jetties, pontoons, racks, mooring blocks and anything else covered in weed and oysters. Fish it anytime you’re on the water. Try weed and sand flats for Whiting also. Hit the fresh water around submerged logs and other common snags for Bass and Perch. LIVE YABBIE TIPS

  • The Live Yabbie will work with a range of jighead weights, from very light hidden-weight jig heads, to heavy jigheads.
  • Select the right weight for the structure you are fishing. A 1/28oz or 1/40oz Sz2 hidden weight is perfect for a slow sink rate presentation. A 1/20 – 1/12 regular jighead is a good starting point for fishing deeper sections.
  • Target likely fish holding structure, and cast as close to the structure as possible. This lure is dynamite around man-made structure such as pontoons, jetties, bridges and boat hulls.
  • Don’t discount the Live Yabbie on open water and flats. It has proven tournament results fishing deeper water targeting schooled bream on a regular jighead.
  • Fish the Live Yabbie slowly. The lure is so realistic, you don’t need to give it much action!
  • The Live Yabbie has been proven to attract very large Bream. It pays to be ultra-vigilant when fishing racks and snags on super light gear.


Type Length Colour Range Technique Rig
Realistic, Yabbie profile soft plastic 60mm 6 colours in the range. The UV Pumpkin Seed and Pearl Green are UV enhanced. Lift and settle, mimicking the true movements of a real Yabbie. A light spin rig, braid, with 4 to 8lb Pro Lure CLEAR Leader.
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