Size 10 Todd Flies "Glo Bug" Bead Chain Weighted Trout Egg Fly Pattern

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Size 10 Todd Flies "Glo Bug" Bead Chain Weighted Trout Egg Fly Pattern

There is something deeply grounding and satisfying about tying your own flies. For many passionate Trout anglers, tying your own flies is as much a part of the joy of angling as hunting and landing the fish. There’s no argument, amongst fly anglers, fly tying skills are highly respected. More than likely, one of the first flies to be taught would be the Glo Bug or Egg flies. The reason is simple, they are one of the easiest to tie. The other reason is that come spawning, Trout will devour these flies like each one is its last meal.

But what if you are one of the many, that really couldn’t be bothered with the craft, and would prefer more time on the water with a box full of pre-fab. Trout Egg Flies, or Glo Bugs, beautifully manufactured and ready to cast, are the flies you seek.

These lures can be cast on fly gear or spin gear. Available in orange, or with an imitation yolk, they are very simple to use. For more durability and more casts per lure, they are also available in epoxy egg finish. It’s important to note; using real fish eggs as bait in our fresh water ways is illegal. Anyway, there’s no need to when you have a packet of Glo Bugs.

Casting and waiting with these lures can be a little time consuming. One of the most effective and rewarding methods for fishing Glo Bugs is by spot or sight fishing for trout. Hit the lakes, streams, rivers and brooks with a top set of polaroids and your all set to spot the brook, rainbow trout or brown trout lurking in the stream. Once spotted, it is as simple as casting the Glo Bug Fly to this fish so it can be seen. They attack first and ask questions later. So, instead of mucking around tying your own flies, get a pack or two of Glo bugs and catch fish instead.


  • Significant seasonal benefits as Trout love eating roe during the spawn run.
  • A perfect bait for spot fishing.
  • Idea for fishing land based or from your favourite vessel.
  • Highly cost effective fly fishing lure.
  • Purchasing prefab Glo Bugs is a lot faster and more predictable than tying your own.

Give the Trout what they want. Come the spawn, Rainbows and Browns have a hefty appetite for roe. Glow bugs are the artificial version of fish eggs and the Trout don’t seem to care that they’re not real. In fact, they love them. Grab a pack or so and put them in your trolley now.

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