Ugly Stik Gold Baitcast Rods

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Ugly Stik Gold Baitcast Rods

Renowned for their quality, reliability and affordability, the Ugly Stik Gold series draws on 30 years of experience as the leader in clear tip rod technology delivering anglers a vast range of models suited to the many fishing environments encountered in Australia. Not happy to rest on past success, the Ugly Stik R & D team constantly refines and updates the range to suit new fishing techniques. All rods feature Fuji components and Ugly Stik’s legendary strength and sensitivity, representing an extremely durable, dependable and practical rod that will serve you well for many seasons. All Ugly Stiks feature blank-through-handle construction for added strength and sensitivity, Fuji guides and components, under-wrapped guides for durability and longevity and all Blanks are fully coated with epoxy for extra protection from the sun’s damaging UV rays. Features

  • Howald process blank
  • Fuji guides
  • Fuji winch mounts
  • 10 year warranty
  • Models ending with ‘C’ feature chromed steel guides for extra tough work conditions

The Ugly Stik’s® exclusive Howald Process Double-Built construction features a graphite inner core with an outer layer of E-Glass to create a rod with superior strength and sensitivity Specifications

Model Length Pieces Line Action Type
USG-SP36A 1.05m/3'6'' 1 1-3kg L Spin
USG-SP40M 1.20m/4'0'' 1 3-6kg M Spin
USG-SP46L 1.35m/4'6'' 1 1-3kg L Spin
USG-SP46H 1.35m/4'6'' 1 4-8kg M Spin
USG-SP5601 1.65m/5'6" 1 4-7kg M Spin
USG-SP50MH 1.50m/5'0" 1 8-12kg MH Spin
USG-SP561BH 1.65m/5'6" 1 10-15kg H Spin
USG-GB1511 1.75m/5'10'' 1 2.5-5.5kg M Spin
USG-JSP5615 1.65m/5'6" 1 15kg M Jig Spin
USG-JSP5624 1.65m/5'6" 1 24kg M/H Jig Spin
USG-JSP5637 1.65m/5'6" 1 37kg H Jig Spin
USG-SP60AXL 1.80m/6'0" 1 2-4kg XL Spin
USG-SP6001 1.80m/6'0" 1 6-10kg M Spin
USG-SP66AL 1.95m/6'6" 1 3-5kg L Spin
USG-SP66A 1.95m/6'6" 1 4-8kg M Spin
USG-SP6601 1.95m/6'6" 1 6-10kg M Spin
USG-DHB1101 2.10m/7'0'' 1 4-7kg M Spin
USG-BWS70A 2.10m/7'0'' 1 4-8kg M Spin
USG-BWS1600 1.80m/6'0" 1 15-24kg H Spin
USG-SP701524 2.10m/7'0'' 1 15-24kg H Spin
USG-SP761LFT 2.25m/7'6" 1 2-5kg L Spin
USG-BWS80A 2.40m/8'0" 1 4-8kg M Spin
USG-SP561BM 1.65m/5'6" 1 6-10kg M Spin/OH
USG-SP601BM 1.80m/6'0" 1 8-10kg M Spin/OH
USGBC461MH - NEW 1.35m/4'6'' 1 6-10kg MH Casting
USG-BC60A 1.80m/6'0" 1 3-5kg M Casting
USG-BC56A 1.65m/5'6" 1 4-6kg M Casting
USG-BC561H 1.65m/5'6" 1 8-10kg H Casting
USG-OHD56A 1.65m/5'6" 1 10-15kg H Overhead
USG-OHD601M 1.80m/6'0" 1 6-8kg M Overhead
USG-OHD60A 1.80m/6'0" 1 10-15kg H Overhead
USG-OHD66A 1.95m/6'6" 1 8-12kg M Overhead
USG-OHD56AC 1.65m/5'6" 1 10-15kg H Overhead
USG-OHD60AC 1.80m/6'0" 1 10-15kg H Overhead
USG-SU56M 1.65m/5'6" 1 5-10kg M S/U
USG-SU56H 1.65m/5'6" 1 15-24kg H S/U
USG-SP602XL 1.80m/6'0" 2 1-3KG XL Spin
USG-SP662XL 1.95m/6'6" 2 1-3KG XL Spin
USG-SP702XL 2.10m/7'0'' 2 1-3KG XL Spin
USG-SP70A2FT 2.10m/7'0'' 2 2-4kg L Spin
USG-SP70A2 2.10m/7'0'' 2 2-5kg L Spin
USG-SP66A2 1.95m/6'6" 2 3-6kg M Spin
USG-SP60A2 1.80m/6'0" 2 4-8kg M Spin
USG-SP602MFT 1.80m/6'0" 2 4-8kg M Spin
USG-BWS662MH 1.95m/6'6" 2 8-15kg MH Spin
USG-SP702GP 2.10m/7'0'' 2 6-10kg M Spin
USG-BWS702H 2.10m/7'0'' 2 10-20kg H Spin
USG-SP802LFT 2.40m/8'0" 2 2-5kg L Spin
USG-SP802GP 2.40m/8'0" 2 6-8kg M Spin
USG-SP802M 2.40m/8'0" 2 6-10kg M Spin
USG-GPS100A2 3.0m/10'0'' 2 6-10kg M/H Spin
USG-SP1202MA 3.60m/12'0'' 2 5-10kg M Spin
USG-SP1202M 3.60m/12'0'' 2 5-10kg M Spin
USG-GPS120A2 3.60m/12'0'' 2 8-12kg MH Spin
USG-BC56A2 1.65m/5'6" 2 4-8kg M Casting
USG-TRSP110360 1.80m/6'0" 3 2-4kg L Spin
USG-TRCA1103510 1.75m/5'10'' 3 6-10kg MH Casting
USG-TRCA563 4-8KG 1.65m/5'6" 3 4-8kg M Casting
USG-SP1503MH 4.50m/15'0'' 3 7-12kg MH Spin
USG-TRSP110466 1.95m/6'6" 4 3-6kg LM Spin
USG-TRSP110470 2.10m/7'0'' 4 5-10kg M Spin
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