Yamashita Egi Sutte R 3.0 Squid Jigs

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Yamashita Egi Sutte R 3.0 Squid Jigs

Knife edged sinker & Slim head shape make for great slide action. Line eye is not swivel, It's reduce the ''break Line eye'' due to metal fatigue by long time used. Features

  • Slim style head
  • Knife edge style sinker
  • Equipped with Super fine stainless steel hooks - better Hooking than regular Hook due to Sharp and wide Hooking area.
  • Super fine Hook isn't equipped Nylon Line.It reduce to problem of break to pieces of Hook.
  • All have transparent and full glow bodies

The Yamashita Sute R squid jigs are the best value for money squid jig in the Yamashita range, the Yamashita Sutte r jigs in size 3.0 are great for land based squidding of ocean rocks and for deep water from the boat as they have the exrtra weight needed to be cast further and sink faster. The Yamashita Suite R 3.0 Squid jigs have proven themselves to be as succesfull as other squid jigs on the market that are twice the price.

Available in the following sizes:


Size Weight Sink Speed Length
1.5 3.0g 8.0 - 9.0 sec / m 4.5cm
1.8 5.0g 8.0 - 9.0 sec / m 5.4cm
2.2 6.5g 8.0 - 9.0 sec / m 6.6cm
2.5 10g 4.0 - 4.5 sec / m 10cm
3.0 15g 3.0 - 3.5 sec / m 11.5cm
3.5 20g 3.0 - 3.5 sec / m 13cm


When it comes to fishing for squid Yamashita sutte r are the go-to jig; coming in a wide range of colours suited for various conditions ranging from shallow water to deeper water, night or day and fishing over weed beds with the added glow Yamahita sutte r squid jigs have a jig size and colour suited for every condition.

The Best Yamashita Sutte R 3.0 colours to use in Clear water and when the squid aren't as active: 

Sutte R Squid Jigs in Browns: NAJ, NIB, BWBK

Sutte R Squid Jigs in Dark greens: NQS, ROL

Sutte R Squid Jigs in Pink: BWP, RP, BP (Can also be used when the squid are active)

Sutte R Squid Jigs in Blue and natural: NEB, NKN, NMI (Can also be used when the squid are active)


Best Sutte R 3.0 colours to use in Clearwater and when the squid highly active:

Sutte R Squid Jigs in Oranges: RO, BWO, BO

Sutte R Squid Jigs in Blue and natural: NEB, NKN, NMI


Best Sutte R 3.0 colours to use when squid aren't active and the water conditions are Muddy:

Sutte R Squid Jigs in Reds, violets and rainbow



Best Yamashita Sutte R 3.0 jigs to use when the water is muddy but squid activity is at its highest: 

Rainbows: BO, BP, BOL

High light Greens: BHT NQS


When fishing in and around weed beds and kelp some of the best Yamashita Sutte R jigs 3.0 to use are your natural colours like NQS, ROL, NEB, NAJ, NKN, NMI

Some of the best Yamashita Sutte R 3.0 jigs for fishing the deeper waters are your bright colours like BWP and BWO Pink and Orange


Added accessories that can be used while fishing for squid:

  • Yamashita Sutte R jigs are one of the most common jigs used at night due to the glow it puts out when paired with a UV light like the Black Magic UV/Torch.
  • Egg snaps for easy and quick changing of jigs without the need to cut and re-tie your line
  • Clip on weights like Daiwa Egi squid jig weights
  • Egi-max and glow-max


You can get the full range of Yamashita Sutte R Squid Jigs at Otto's Tackle World.

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