ZMan GrubZ 2" Soft Plastic Fishing Lures

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ZMan GrubZ 2" Soft Plastic Lures

When the ZMan 2.5" GrubZ became available in Australia it exploded in popularity, winning bream and bass tournaments and accounting for a myriad of species. After requests from anglers, Tackle Tactics has worked closely with ZMan US to design a smaller, more finesse version of this dynamite little plastic, the 2" GrubZ. This smaller curl tail will be a deadly presentation when the bite is tough, the fish finicky and the bait tiny. As well as taking up residence in the bream tournament angler’s box, this little curl tail will also be effective on trout, redfin, bass, yellowbelly, saratoga and a myriad of other species that feed on small insects, baitfish and crustaceans.

Jighead Suggestion 

  • TT Lures HeadlockZ HD - #4, #2, #1
  • TT Lures HeadlockZ Finesse - #2, #1
  • TT Lures DemonZ - #1
  • TT Lures Tournament Series HWS (Hidden Weight System) - #2, #1.

About Curl TailZ For decades anglers have recognised the effectiveness of curl tail plastics for targeting a wide range of species and that's why ZMan offers a comprehensive range of curl tails from 2" through to 9". Curl tails have plenty of built-in action, making them ideal for anglers just starting out fishing soft plastics and deadly in the hands of experienced anglers. ZMan have taken the curl tail to the next level, offering the benefits of their ElaZtech material, which include 10X Tough construction - so your plastics stand up to aggressive strikes, pickers and toothy critters, super-soft and flexible realistic feel - so the fish keep biting and hold on longer and the material is buoyant - for a tail up action and natural feeding pose when at rest on the bottom. All of these benefits equal more fish for you the angler. Fish on!

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