ZMan HeroZ 10" Jerk BaitZ Green Lantern Soft Plastic Fishing Lures

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ZMan HeroZ 10" Jerk BaitZ Soft Plastic Lures

Ten inches of 10X Tough! HeroZ are a super-sized jerk bait that are ideal for a wide range of big fish applications. Its buoyant ElaZtech construction makes it perfect for everything from walking across the surface, through to weighting it to fish the depths, where its buoyancy and super-soft construction brings it to life on a jighead or paternoster rig. When retrieved at speed the HeroZ have a life-like, snaking swimming action that has already proven effective on tuna, cobia, trevally and more, rigged on an 8/0 TT Lures HeadlockZ HD jighead. Unlike other slug-style plastics, the HeroZ is 10X Tough to stand up to brutal strikes and hard-fought battles, making it a go-to when chasing toothies or fishing through schools of toothy species to access fish holding deeper. Whether it’s kingfish, tuna, mackerel, cobia, trevally and other pelagic species or fishing deep for snapper, dhufish, coral trout and other reefies, the 10” HeroZ is sure to attract their attention and entice the bite. Fish on!

Jighead Suggestion

  • TT Lures HeadlockZ HD - #8/0

About Jerk BaitZ These slender baitfish imitations are dynamite on a wide range of species from the estuaries to deep offshore. They have little built-in action, with the angler bringing them to life via twitches and lifts of the rod tip. This lack of built-in action makes them especially effective in deep water and fast currents, where they sink much quicker than plastics with built-in action, while their slender design also makes them ideal for distance casting. ZMan have taken the jerkbait profile to the next level, offering the benefits of their ElaZtech material, which include 10X Tough construction - so your plastics stand up to aggressive strikes, pickers and toothy critters, super-soft and flexible realistic feel - so the fish keep biting and hold on longer and the material is buoyant - for a tail up action and natural feeding pose when at rest on the bottom. All of these benefits equal more fish for you the angler. Fish on!

The ZMan hero’s 10” are a lure that will catch 99% of pelagic species, the ZMan heroz are your typical jerk bait but bigger and better so they look like a big easy meal for predatory fish. The ZMan Heros are a jerk shad so they have only a slight tail action but that’s why the ZMan heroz are a jerk shad, because they need to be jerked. Working them on a fast drift you have to do little other than cast them and jerk your rod...excuse the pun...and the action will make fish bite. The ZMan Hero’s, being a big lure allows for big jig heads with heavy weights allowing for good castability. This allows you to keep the boat at a distance from the structure your casting to and not spooking the fish your targeting. This also makes the ZMan Heros good for casting off the rocks. The ZMan Heros are a favourite of many fishermen who’s aim is to catch big fish. 


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