ZMan Slim SwimZ 2.5" Soft Plastic Fishing Lures

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ZMan Slim SwimZ 2.5" Paddle TailZ Soft Plastic Lures

Anglers were looking for a paddle tail that had a shorter, slimmer profile, with the benefits of ElaZtech – 10X Tough, super-soft and flexible realistic feel and built-in buoyancy for maximum action at slow speeds and a buoyant, lifelike tail-up action when at rest on the bottom. The Slim SwimZ ticks all of these boxes and packs a lively, lifelike action in its little paddle tail; an action that is sure to see it punching above its weight on species that are not commonly associated with a 2.5” soft plastic. Both bass and bream tournament anglers are excited with this new release, but it will also appeal to anglers chasing yellowbelly, trout, redfin, saratoga, sooties and jungle perch in the fresh, and flathead, grunter, tarpon, giant herring, tuna and other species in the salt, that often frustrate anglers with their preference for tiny baitfish. With plenty of built-in action, the 2.5” Slim SwimZ is perfect for anglers who want to give soft plastics fishing a try and a deadly addition to the experienced soft plastic fisho’s arsenal. Fish on!

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Quantity: 8 per pack.

About Paddle TailZ As their name suggests, Paddle TailZ have a tail that is designed to 'paddle' from side to side when retrieved, realistically imitating the action of a swimming baitfish. Paddle tails are a popular option when your target species is feeding on baitfish, such as mullet, hardy heads, pilchards, herring and the like. ZMan have taken paddle tails to the next level, offering the benefits of their ElaZtech material, which include 10X Tough construction - so your plastics stand up to aggressive strikes, pickers and toothy critters, super-soft and flexible realistic feel - so the fish keep biting and hold on longer and the material is buoyant - for a tail up action and natural feeding pose when at rest on the bottom. All of these benefits equal more fish for you the angler. Fish on! The Zman Slim Swims have become a very pop[ular lure for a large array of species, the Zman Slim Swims have proven to be  a very popular Flathead, Bream and estuary perch lure, in particular, the opening night colour is a great lure for pelagics on the surface when they are being fussy will not take a lure of any size, the Zman Slim Swims in the motor oil as it is in most styles have proven to be one of the most successful colours as it works in a wide a variety of water clarities, often with soft plastics certain colours will work better in different clarity, dark dirty water is often fished with darker natural colours like the Calico Candy or Pumpkin and in clear watercolours like the opening night are deadly as it imitates a clear little baitfish. 

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