DUO Crankbait Fishing Lures

DUO has introduced the Realis Crank Baits into the Australian market and they have opened up a lot of opportunities. The DUO Realis Crank G87 20A is unlike any other lure on the Australian Market, like all the DUO Realis Crank baits they are built as tough as they can get. They will last until they are lost on a fish or to the bottom, the eyes are quality and will not fall out, the finish is second to none and they will not lose their shine. Aside from this the DUO Realis Cranks have a complex internal structure that allows the lure to cast like a bullet and get maximum distance from you, so you can get the maximum depth out of it. The DUO Realis Crank G87 20A is a lure in its own class, the G87 will dive to depths of 20ft allowing you target Jewfish, Jacks, Barra and Big Flathead on Crank baits that are sitting in deeper holes that could previously only be targeted with Soft Plastics and Vibes. The Duo Realis Crank M65 11A is a lure that will catch most species, it will not crank as deep as the G87 20A but will still get to about 12ft, and is a great lure for chasing big Lizards, Barra Queenies and Jack. Due to the cast and magnetic weight locking system, it will dive quickly once it hit the water and the weight locks to the front of the chamber. The DUO Realis M65 11a also uses a sound baffle that gives it a unique sound to lure in the fish. The Realis Crank M62 5A is the smallest of the DUO Crank Baits and is perfect for fishing northern creeks for Jacks and Barramundi, Southern rivers for Flathead, the DUO Realis Crank M62 will cast like an absolute Bullet on lighter line and having that distance you can get it down and scrubbing the bottom of sand and mud banks for long periods of time, a technique that fish find irresistible.