Electric Combos - Otto's Tackle World

Electric rod and reel combos are helpful when fishing in deeper waters, over 100 meters as they save you the effort of winding up fish from such depth. Most deep sea anglers see their electric combos as an essential part of their offshore lineup.

Once you own a deep drop fishing combo a whole new world of fishing is made avaliable to you, you can fish in deeper waters with baits and jigs chasing species such as Hapuka, Big Eye, Gemfish and Bar Cod. These fish sit in extremely deep water and are just about unobtainable without electric reels. 

These deep drop combos use thin, colour changing braid so you can fit as much line as possible onto the reels and keep track of where your bait is  sitting in the water column. These combos use solely hard guide rods as roller guides are not braid friendly. We have straight and bent butt options depending on how many rods you plan on using and where you like the line sitting in relation to your boat.

At Ottos Tackle World we only reccomend the best of the best, which is why our electric deep drop combos are made up of products from Daiwa, Shimano and Penn, premium brands with warranties