Beach & Rock Fishing Combos

Beach fishing makes up a large part of Australia's fishing community. Beach fishing generally requires rods longer than 10ft. But times are a changing...

Beach fishing has been pushed to new heights with recent technological advances. The use of drones and kites has changed ranges anglers are able to get baits out to. But for the anglers who still prefer loading a 13ft rod to the max, watching your rig fly off into the sunset, we have all the rods and reels you'll ever want.

Breaking beach fishing down to light, medium and heavy. Will assist in finding the perfect rod and reel balance for catching your favourite fish in the surf. Bream, whiting and flathead will make up the majority of light beach fishing species. For the light beach fishing you don't always need a very long rod.

When looking at chasing your Salmon and Tailor off the beach it pays to get a rod specifically designed to cast lures or bait far out into the surf. This will help you reach the schools of fish when they are sitting behind the breaking waves. Pairing a light and strong beach rod to a reel that lays line properly will give you that casting edge over the rest. Choice of line is always very important and shouldn't be neglected. 

For the heavy beach fishing you will need to look closely at cast weights of rods. This is important as fishing for giant mulloway and sharks, will require you to cast out bigger baits and sinkers. These rods will get put through their paces on big hard fighting angry fish, so quality will be important for longevity in the heavy surf category.