Smith Fishing Sunglasses Chroma Pop Lenses

Smith Fishing Sunglasses With Chroma Pop Lense 

Cast out with clarity with the Smith Optics ChromaPop™ lens technology that gives you better below-water definition and less glare. All while enhancing color perception, for better outings of fish and longer days on the water. But the Smith Chroma Pop Lenses advantage does not end there, less glare means beach or everyday activities are all the better.

Why use SMITH Fishing Sunglasses?

From river wading to open-water fishing, polarized fishing sunglasses let you see on another wavelength. The Smith polarized ChromaPop™ lenses reduce glare for the best below-water visibility and enhanced color perception for the sharpest visuals. Glass is tiring, so with Chroma Pop you can get more fish and spend more time on the water.