Here we have chosen a selection of jigging rods at a range of prices to suit
a range of fishing styles and price points, keep in mind with jigging rods
they will not only jig but make a good bottom bashing rod, the better of the
rods will be the 150 to 200's, the heavier jigging rods are good also good
for downrigging and fishing bit baits or big fish like Kingfish and Sharks
of the boat.

99% of Jigging rods are coded according to the jig rating for
or example a Monster Mesh 532-200S will be a rod rated to jigs up to 200g
and a T-curve Deep Jig 400 is rated to jigs up to 400g, When jigging inshore
reefs it is usually better to use the lighter models, but in saying so when
downrigging live baits on inshore reefs Kingfish can easily get you to the
bottom and big fish are very hard to stop unless you are fishing 65-80lb
line, Line ratings go up according to jig ratings to so for example the
Saltist Hyper 531-200S is rated at ¾ PE and the Shimano Deep Jig 300 24/37
kg and the Deep Jig 400 is rated to 37kg. 

King fish and Amberjack like big long jigs like the Black Magic Deep water
slims and on deep reefs a heavy rod is better, as for fish like Dogtooth
Tuna they tend to like the smaller round profile jigs like the Nomad Gypsy
jigs that are worked slower and are more effective on the drop as opposed to
the Black Magic Knife and deep water slims that work better on the retrieve.