Entering the world of slow jigging can seem like a daunting task, this is why at Ottos Tackle World we have put together an array of Slow Jig Combos to help you navigate the world of slow jigging

We have taken rods and reels from trusted brands such as Shimano, Daiwa, Penn and more creating affordable Slow Jig Combos for the beginner angler, intermediate slow jig combos and high quality Slow Jig Combos for the experienced fisherman. 

When choosing a rod and reel for slow jigging it is important to factor in what species of fish you are planning on targeting, for example if you intend to jig for species such as Mulloway, Snapper, Pearl Perch or Traglin you ideally will be using a combo rated anywhere from 20lbs to 30lbs. Although if you are chasing harder fighting fish such as Kingfish, Reef fish found up north or Trevally you would want to use heavier combos rated anywhere from 40lbs to 60lbs. Most rods we have picked for slow jigging are around 6ft in length, ensuring that you get the ideal action from the lures, keep your line near the boat and most importantly are able to fish comfortably.


At Ottos Tackle World we are confident that you will be able to find a Slow Jigging Combo to suit your needs, we proudly stand by all of the setups we create and use many of them ourselves