Game fishing hooks are as the name suggests for game fish. Most Game fishing hooks are designed for trolling for marlin, and when trolling for Marlin there is one thing all Game fishing hooks have in common, they are inline. The reason a Game hook for Marlin is inline is that under the water pressure of being dragged behind a boat any offset in the shank of the hook will cause it to spin, and a spinning lure will not swim properly and will not catch fish. There is another variation in game fishing hooks and that is Shark hooks, Shark hooks are heavy duty Game hooks but have an offset which will increase the hook-up rate when bait fishing. Game fishing hooks have different gauges too and the gauge you would use is determined by how heavy the line is you are fishing with. Game fishing hooks also have many different styles of Gape and lengths of the shank but this is a preference and a highly debatable point for many who know game fishing hooks.