DUO EGI Squidding Lures

There are a lot of squid Jigs on the Market but what makes the DUO D-Squid stand out from the others is its ability to sink super deep very quickly, this allows you to target weed beds and deep reefs previously very difficult to target without a Paternoster rig.

The DUO D-Squid is a special model developed for the new “tip-run” method. By eliminating the feather wing which caused drag and internalizing the weight in the body, it reaches the bottom at a speedy rate and allows a light yet sharp darting action in the deep zone. Moreover, we have realized a body shape which allows the lure to maintain an ideal body position after the darting action. This results in the increase of bites on the D-Squid and eliminates the annoying problem of the hook catching the line. The DUO D-Squid comes in, 95mm (21g). The DSquid 95mm will show its true potential at 15m (or deeper). Another attraction to the DUO D-Squid is the colour line-up. Based on the already successful squid jig colours, DUO have given it a high quality “lure-like” taste to it. The angler can select from the vast choice of colours depending on the field conditions and activeness of the squid. With the DUO D-squid, you will easily be able to reach those deep zones and in fast-flowing currents never fished before.