Our staff at Ottos Tackle World have carefully put together a collection of Baitcast Combos, taking out the aspect of uncertainty when you choose your next Baitcast Combo

These Baitcast Combos cover just about any fishing application imaginable, from chasing Bass in impoundments to Barramundi and Threadfin Salmon in creeks up in Queensland and the Northern Territory, and any form of fishing you can think of inbetween! We have provided an array of budget and inexpensive Baitcast Combos, midrange Baitcast Combos and high quality Baitcast Combos for the experienced angler.

We have also designed specific Baitcast Combos for niche lure fishing purposes, for example shorter rods (5ft6 - 6ft2) with low speed baitcast reels designed for fishing deep with vibes and soft plastics. We have longer rods (6ft8 - 7ft6) paired with high speed reels for casting crankbaits and divers into snags and gutters, and also extra heavy rods (7ft6 - 8ft)  paired with larger reels with thick braid for swimbaiting.

With brands such as Daiwa, Shimano, Abu Garcia, Penn and 13 Fishing used in these Baitcast Combos, quality is assured and the rods and reels are backed by warranty.


At Ottos Tackle World we are confident that you will be able to find a Baitcast Combo to suit your needs, we proudly stand by all of the setups we create and use many of them ourselves