Spinning Fishing Reels

Spinning reels were developed mainly in europe for light line bait fishing targeting freshwater fish. The larger reels were developed arround the same time in both the US and Europe. Today this type of reel is used for some of the most demanding styles of fishing like Deep Jigging, Bait Fishing for Billfish and hard fighting GTs and Black Bass, the names that have endured are well known today like Daiwa, Penn and Shimano. 

Baitcast Fishing Reels

As the name suggest, Baitcast reels were originally made to do just that. There was no drag system or anti reverse when a fish was hooked. The handle spun backward at high speed. Today, All baitcast reels come with the drag and anti-reverse system. Most suitable for the use of lures in and any fresh water, inshore saltwater fishing application. Shimano and Daiwa dominate the market when it comes to Baitcaster reels, 

Overhead Fishing Reels

Overhead reels now come in a huge range of styles from baitcasters to 130 lb game reels and everything in between. They are one of the most versatile style of reel and are used in all methods of fishing. They now not only have star drag system but also prowerful lever drag. Overhead reels were the first reel used for Game fishing and developed for that reason, Daiwa has lost its presence in the Market but Shimano and Penn are still dominating the Australian market.

Electric Deep Drop Dendoh Fishing Reels 

 Electric overhead reels come in a range of sizes. They are mainly used in deep drop fishing but the smaller size can used by people with physical handicap allowing them to still enjoy fishing. The market is dominated by Shimano and Daiwa and most electric reels are still made in Japan.