Flathead Hard Bodies

Flathead have to be one of the most targeted species of fish throughout Ausralia. 

Here are some easy guidelines to follow that can help you land that croc of a life time.

Knowing the areas that flathead use at different times of the tide and how they wait to ambush their prey, gives you an instant head start.

Next is working out the depths you need to be fishing at. Flathead will come up for a feed at times. but generally you have to work your lure near the bottom to entice Flathead strikes. 

The ever growing in popularity Daiwa Double Clutch, has quickly become the go to hard bodied lure for flathead and many other species. They do however work exceptionally well on flathead in particular. There are a handful of other lures that all work a treat.

OSP Dunk's are great when you need to get down past 3m to the fish. The Dunks can get down to 4 metres. Bassday Sugar Deeps are also an amazingly well made lure that will swim straight out the box every time. 

If you are starting out and don't want to blow the budget, Atomic Hardz Shiners are a fantastic lure at a great price. They also come in 4 different sizes, which is ideal when selecting the right lure for location and time of year.