Drone Fishing Combos

When drone fishing you need very specific rod and reel dimensions to ensure that you can effectively get your bait to where you would like it to be and then land the fish once they are hooked, this is why at Ottos Tackle World we have put together a range of combos which are best suited for drone fishing

When drone fishing the most important factor you need to consider when choosing a reel is line capacity, this is because the whole puropse of drone fishing is getting your bait further out to sea to fish untapped waters, in some cases people take their baits upto 300 meters out with drones. Hence why we chose large spin reels 18000 - 30000 sizes and overhead reels. Typically drone fishing is done off beaches and ocean rocks, which is why every drone combo we have put together has a long surf rod. Multicolour braid is spooled onto the reels as with braided line you can fit more on the spool than mono, using colour changing braid also assists you in figuing out how far out your baits are in relation to the shoreline. 

You can expect to catch fish such as Snapper, Jewfish, Kingfish, Sharks and Rays whilst drone fishing 

At Ottos Tackle World we are confident that you will be able to find a Drone fishing Combo to suit your needs, we proudly stand by all of the setups we create and use many of them ourselves