DUO Minnow Fishing Lures

The Duo range of Trout lures is not a very large one but is made up by the quality like all Duo Lures, The Duo Trout range consists of he Spearhead Ryuki 50F and the Spearhead Ryuki 70F, The 70F differs from the 50F in obviously the size but the also the Spearhead Ryuki 70f has a magnetic detaching weight for maximum cast ability. Both the 50F and 70F like all Duo lures have an amazing Finnish, life like eyes and quality terminal straight out of the box, these qualities means the lures last and last and still look like new aside from bite marks from fish. The Duo Spearhead is also proving itself as a great bream and Bass lure and the 70F is great for flathead on the flats. The Spearhead Ryuki lures are both floating versions, this makes them great for working streams and rivers with boulders and snags that you want to get your lures over.