Our dedicated fishing staff at Otto's Tackle World has taken the guess work out of picking the ideal combo to catch Bream and Whiting of all sizes.

Fishing for bream and whiting using lures can be a daunting task for the novice angler. Not only have we put together combos that will help you catch them, but will save you some money in the process. Heading down to the water with the fishing gear you have confidence in, will often mean the difference between catching fish and just fishing. Finding a rod, reel and line that match perfectly together is something that years of fishing will help develop.

The Bream and Whiting fishing combos we have put together will ensure you are able to cast, work and use lures effectively. These Bream combos starting at entry level range up to quality mid-range products. Keep in mind that when considering fishing for bream with lures, there are many differences in rod blanks for different lure applications. Rod blanks are specially made to give different actions which in turn will help you work the lure intended with minimal effort.

When deciding on a Bream or whiting fishing outfit, it would be important to narrow down what method you fish the most and which suits your local waters bream habitat. Otto's bream fishing combos are carefully selected to cover all methods of bream fishing. If you are unsure about which fishing style you may want to pursue, We are more than happy to help you over the phone or in person. Join us taking the next step in customer service and experience!

Here at Otto's we stand by all our combos and would fish with them ourselves. Experience the difference.