Squid Jigs Fishing Lures

Squid Jigs Fishing Lures

Squid Jigs originated in Japan where squid fishing is called eging, hence squid jigs also being known as egi jigs.

Most squid jigs consist of a hard body that represents a shrimp or baitfish. On the back of the jig are barbless spikes pointing toward the front of the jig. The jigs are most commonly covered in cloth, the cloth is in place as squid suckers do no grip well to it so they slide down to the barbs to be caught.

Some of the more popular jig brands have always been Yamashita and Yo-Zuri.

Yamashita have a strong hold on the market and have a large range of jigs to suit various styles of squid fishing, 

Daiwa also have a big presence in the eging market with their range of Emeraldas Squid Jigs, rods and reels.