DUO Jerkbait Fishing Lure

The Duo Realis Fangbaits ae at the top of their class, in both performance durability and casting, like all Duo lures they are manufactured with the angler in mind. The Duo Realis Fangbaits are built to withstand the toughest of predators, Duo have gone with a different wiring structure and run the wire on the outside of the body, this allows for the wire to be strong and thick, but by being n the outside of the body allowing more air chamber to increase buoyancy. Like all Duo lures the Fangbaits have an beautiful and long lasting paint finish, Duo also pride themselves on making lures that have long lasting eyes, as a lot of other brands have eyes that fall out.  The Fangbaits come in two different sizes and 3 models in each, The Duo Fangbait Realis 120SR and 140SR are the shallow diving versions perfect for flats and shallow mangrove areas, the 120SR will dive to 1-3ft and the 140SR dives 2-3ft, The Fangbait DR versions cover the next depth and will dive up to 12 ft, the Fangbait 120DR will dive 6-9ft and the 140DR dives 9-12ft so is great for fishing edges and drop offs at river mouths  where big predatory species lurk.

Duo have also made a Saltwater Specific range, with saltwater specific colours. The Fangbait SW in 120DR SW and the 140DR SW come with all the feature of the standard Fangbaits but  they have a Salt water specific  range of colours that are second to none in finish.