Treble Hooks for Stickbaits

Treble hooks are a popular choice for stickbaits and Poppers and reason is if you get the best hook up rate on treble hooks.  Trebble hooks on a stick bait have points on all sides so whichever side the fish hits the lure from there is a barb there. There are a few differences in brands and makes and one is the newer BKK and Shout curved trebles, these Treble hooks are designed not to damage your lures as the traditional Straight Treble hooks will wear big lines on the side of your lures. Another difference between makes of treble hooks is the Guage of the hook, trebles hooks are not as strong as single stickbait and popper hooks so it is always good to make sure you have the right gauge treble for the line class you are fishing.  At ottos, we are proud to stock a. huge range of treble hooks to suit a multitude of stickbaits and poppers.