Travel Combos

As fishos we know that the greatest part of travelling either overseas or domestically is the oppourtunity to fish unknown, alien waterways for species you have never targeted before. Travel rods conveniently fold down into 3 or 4 pieces meaning you wont be burdoned with the task of taking a 2+ meter long rod case in the car on a roadtrip or into oversized luggage at the airport!

We have created a variety of spinning and baitcast travel combos which can be used for anthing from Trout in the Blue Mountains to Trevally and Mackerel on stickbaits out on the reef in North Queensland

Ottos travel combos are put together with products from Shimano, Daiwa, Wilson, Penn and more. We make sure to use trusted premium brands which offer warranty. 

At Ottos Tackle Word we stand by all of the rod and reel combos we put together and even own some of them ourselves