Kingfish Hard Bodied Lures

Targeting Kingfish with Hard Bodied Lures, can be quite overwhelming as the options are endless.

Being able to break down which lure to use on the day can mean the difference between coming home with some trophy fish or coming home with a cool story.

There are four main types of hard bodied lures available. Floating, Sinking, Vibing and Diving. Understanding how the kingfish are feeding once out on the water will narrow down the selection.

For your surface hard bodies, Bassday Sugapens are extremely effective when fishing light tackle for Kingfish. They match the hatch for most Whitebait and smaller Pilchards. Fishing heavier tackle opens up a wider variety of brands and styles. The most effective for larger Kingfish have been the Nomad Stickbait and popper range. The Nomad Riptide has amazing action and a reputable lure for a large range of Pelagics.

Sinking hardbodies are the go to when fish are not feeding or pushing bait to the surface. Sinking lures also offer an advantage when the wind is up or water is rough. Being able to get your lure to where the fish are feeding is essential. Nomad madscads are deadly on Kingfish of all sizes.

Vibing has become increasingly popular in targeting kingfish on shallow reef areas and structure. Vibes work especially well when the water quality has decreased and visibility is low. Samaki Vibelicious in Fork and Thumper tail are incredibly popular and are the requested vibe by Pro Sportfishing anglers.

Sometimes it can be hard to locate schools of Kingfish. When covering ground to find fish is key, trolling a deep diver can definitely improve chances of finding those schools. The Rapala X-Rap range has been the choice of lure for many years now. They are well made and don't need upgrading out the box. New kids on the block, Nomad are stealing the show with their DTX minnows going deeper than most on the market. Yozuri make quality Japanese made divers that have unreal colours in their range and a definite must in anyone's arsenal.