The 2023 Shimano Sedon FJ is above its class again, the Shimano Sedona Spinning reel range now comes with Shimano’s famous Cold forged Hagane Gears that give the Shimano Sedona FJ Spin Reels an unrivalled strength and durability. The New Shimano 2023 Sedona FJ also has Shimano’s new Silent drive giving the 23 Sedona a smooth and silent rotation and making it nicer in the hand to use. The Sedona FJ also has an upgraded line clip that allows the Sedona spinning reels to be used with heavier leaders and braid that will still catch in the clip.  Another feature of the 23 Sedona FJ is the Propulsion line management system that will give the angler better casting distance and the advantage. The Shimano Sedona 2023 FJ spin reel Range has not been released in the 6000 and 8000 and these Sedona Sizes are still being produced in the Sedona FI Series Spinning reels. The Sedona FJ comes in sizes 1000 FJ – 2500 FJ – 3000 FJ – 4000 FJ – 5000 FJ. These are a good array of sizes to cover most inshore fishing styles and techniques. The Smallest Shimano Sedona in the range the 1000 FJ still has the ability to put out a whopping 3kg of drag. Like Most Shimano reel ranges the Sedona 2500 and 3000 FJ are built off the same body with a deeper spool on the 3000 for those who need it. The Shimano Sedona 4000 and 5000 FJ reels are also the same body with deeper spools to give the angler the ability to fish for bigger fish and get the line capacity needed.