Atomic Bassday Sugapen Top Water Fishing Lures

Bassday Sugapen Topwater Lures

The Bassday sugapen range of lures are one of the best sellers for Ottos Tackle world when it comes to light topwater fishing for a multitude of species.

The Bassday Sugapen lure come in a wide range of sizes to accommodate for different species. The Bassday Sugapen 50mm is a great lures when the fish are chasing tiny bait or you are fishing very skinny water where you only need a small profile with a tight action,

The next size up in the Sugapen range is the 70mm and this is the best size for all your topwater Bream, Whiting, Estuary perch and Bass fishing but will also work a treat on large pelagic species when they are chasing small bait on top, the next size up is the Bass day Sugapen 90mm and if a great lure for all your topwater harbour and estuary chasing Jacks, Kings, Small Trev’s, Queenfish and any other pelagic that will take topwater.  The largest in the range is the Bassday Sugapen 120mm and is designed to be fished on 15lb and up, it has proven deadly on large Kingfish, Queenfish, Longtail and anything big pelagic you want to throw it at. The Sugapenn 120mm is deadly when they are chasing smaller bait like pilchards. All in all the Bassday Sugapen topwater lures are a very easy to work small profile stick bait that will produce fish. Bassday SugaPen lures can be modified a few ways, the bassday Sugapen 50mm, 70mm and 90, can be retrofitted with assist hooks, and the Largest Sugapen the 120mm will still get a great action with heavy gauge assist hooks, and the smaller 90mm Sugapen will work well with light gauge Assist hooks.