Cush It’s do just what they say, they give you a protective padding that prevents bruising and painful welts caused from having a rod butt jamming into you when fighting fish for long periods of time. Cush-it’s are also great because they are so easy to store and can be kept in any hold, locker of side pocket and require no fumbling around with Gimble Straps, they simply slide onto the rod butt (be sure to remove the butt cap before putting on the Cush it). The Cush Its come in two sizes, the Big Game Model, designed for all types of heavy rods and All Species Model that suits most small to medium rods. Another advantage of the Cush It is you can use it in any position, they will not fall off your rod butt either so they are great if you are chasing high speed species or you have to manoeuvre around the boat during the fight. Cush-It’s are also UV Resistant so will last and Float so you will not lose them if you accidentally drop them over the side.