When it comes to styles of hooks there is a multitude so why use circle hooks? Circle Fishing hooks are the optimal choice when you are releasing fish as a circle hook will set itself in the corner of the fish's jaw or on the lip. Circle hooks will still occasionally get swallowed but the frequency is far less and the release survival rate of fish is far higher. Circle hooks come in a few different styles the stands outs in difference are KL Black magic circles, eagle claw and Trokar hooks, these circle hooks have made adaptations in the traditional circle hook style and have proven themselves to be deadly on marlin, tuna and any other pelagic fish that will eat a live bait. Circle hooks are frequently used in game fishing when using live baits and this comes back to fish survival rates when the circle hook is pinned in the jaw rather than the stomach. Another style of circle hook is the style developed by Gamakatsu, the Octopus Circle hook. Gamakatsu took the traditional octopus style and used an inturned eye to turn it into the Octopus Circle hook. The Gamakatsu Octopus circle hook is very popular for fishermen using live bait on large insure dimersal species such as Jewfish.  AT Ottos Tackle World we are proud to stock a huge range of circle hooks from all the biggest brands.