Daiwa Luvias LT Spinning Fishing Reels 2020


Perfectly blending two of Daiwa’s key reel technologies, 20 Luvias is born. Sophisticated, subtle and classy, 20 Luvias is true to the famous name which Daiwa fans have grown to love over its long and famous history.

A new single-piece Zaion Monocoque (MQ) body design is the single greatest leap for Luvias since its introduction many years ago. 20 Luvias was designed to create the lightest Luvias ever, and the single-piece Zaion MQ body allows to not only make Luvias lighter, but also improve the strength and size of the drive gear at the same time. Using Zaion material allows an incredibly light body to be created, totally impervious to the harsh saltwater elements. Zaion’s lightweight carbon construction provides both incredible lightness, but also steadfast rigidity for long-term durability. The creation of Zaion MQ opens up a whole new world of small spinning reel design.

The new larger main gear is forged and meticulously machined using the Tough Digigear concept. Increasing the diameter of the gear not only improves strength, but also decreases winding inertia creating a more fluid, effortless rotation. The MQ screw-in engine plate applies 360-degree pressure to the main gear to achieve perfect gear alignment and meshing. The result is unmatchable refinement and flawless smoothness, today, tomorrow and long into the future.  

Protection from the elements has been enhanced with a unique asymmetrical new screwless rear cover. This purposeful design minimizes intrusion into the body of the reel, while Magseal continues to deliver its unmatched protection by sealing the top of the reel body.

A new Long Cast ABS (LC-ABS) spool increases casting distance and line performance on and off the spool. Resulting in longer casts and improved line management. Further weight reductions from a re-designed Zaion Air Rotor and handle assembly continue on the path of the lightest Luvias ever.

Daiwa’s Automatic Tournament Drag (ATD) delivers flawless, silky smooth drag control with a larger re-designed drag knob improving control for anglers using the lightest of lines. Shallow spool models feature a decreased ‘finesse’ drag capable of very fine adjustment, perfect for light-line finesse fishing.

20 Luvias is the epitomy of Daiwa’s LT concept. Light & Tough through and through, 20 Luvias perfectly encompasses the desire to produce a spinning reel which is not only lighter than once thought possible, but to also destroy the notion that lightness is to the detriment of toughness and durability.

Unprecedented in design and laden with unrivalled technology, 20 Luvias delivers the precision and performance that has made its name famous and Daiwa finesse spin reels legendary amongst Australian anglers. 



20 Luvias features LC-ABS technology for the first time in the reel’s long history. Compared to conventional spools, LC-ABS has been shown to increase the average flight distance of a cast by up to 5% thanks to its modified spool lip design. 20 Luvias now casts further than ever before.


20 Luvias is the epitome of Daiwa’s LT Concept. When Daiwa began the search of both Light & Tough in single package, the concept of Zaion x MQ was considered the obvious step. Combining these key features with all other LT Concept technologies, 20 Luvias is the next step of LT.


Zaion x MQ brings two of Daiwa’s key technologies to the forefront of 20 Luvias. Monocoque body design does not require the use of a body cover, replacing that with a screw-on engine plate. MQ design allows the creation of a smaller body whilst improving strength and creating more useable internal space for a larger diameter drive gear to be installed.


Combining MQ body technology with Daiwa’s Zaion material, 20 Luvias is the lightest and strongest it has ever been. Impervious to the harsh saltwater environment, Zaion’s carbon construction is markedly more rigid than the competition, resulting in less flex and ultimately a lighter rotation performance and longer lasting smoothness.

Daiwa Luvias 2020 Reels

Model Bearings Capacity PE Drag Pick Up Ratio Weight (g) Sku
20 LUVIAS FC LT 1000D 9BB(3CRBB) PE 0.6-300m 5kg 64cm 5.1 150g 20890
20 LUVIAS FC LT 2000D 9BB(3CRBB) PE 0.8-300m 5kg 67cm 5.1 150g 20891
20 LUVIAS FC LT2500-XH 9BB(3CRBB) PE 0.8-200m 5kg 87cm 6.2 175g 20892
20 LUVIAS LT2500D 9BB(4CRBB) PE 1.2-300m 10kg 73cm 5.2 175g 20893
20 LUVIAS LT3000D-C 9BB(4CRBB) PE 1.2-300m 10kg 77cm 5.2 180g 20894
20 LUVIAS LT 3000D 9BB(5CRBB) PE 1.5-300m 10kg 77cm 5.2 205g 20895
20 LUVIAS LT 4000D-C 9BB(5CRBB) PE 2-300m 12kg 82cm 5.2 215g 20896
20 LUVIAS FC LT2000S 9BB(3CRBB) PE 0.4-200m 5kg 67cm 5.1 150g 20897
20 LUVIAS FC LT2500S 9BB(3CRBB) PE 0.6-200m 5kg 72cm 5.1 155g 20898
20 LUVIAS FC LT2500S-XH 9BB(3CRBB) PE 0.6-200m 5kg 87cm 6.2 155g 20899
20 LUVIAS LT 2500S-DH 9BB(4CRBB) PE 0.6- 200m 5kg 73cm 5.2 185g 20900
20 LUVIAS LT 3000S-CXH 9BB(4CRBB) PE 0.8- 200m 10kg 93cm 6.2 180g 20901