Lure for Targeting Murray Cod

As it starts to cool down for winter there is no better time to start targeting large impoundment Murray cod. Once you've sorted out your winter gear for those freezing mornings and nights it's time to start looking for lures to throw. As Murray cod fishing in impoundments can result in just a single fish every thousand casts it's imperative you want to be using the right lures for the job. 


Surface lures for Murray Cod

Fishing oversized surface lures for Murray cod is by far one of the most enjoyable ways of fishing for these large natives. Murray Cod are opportunistic feeders that feast on a range of different creatures including large baitfish, birds, lizards, snakes, rats, turtles, and frogs. Fishing periods peak around the low light conditions of dusk and dawn with many diehards altering their sleeping patterns slumbering throughout the day when the sun is up. During this time Murray cod push up to the limits of impoundments and cruise the shallows looking for an easy feed. Larger surface lures such as wake baits and winged paddling lures such as the Jackall Pompadour are great options for fishing the edges of impoundments around sunken trees and boulders. These lures can be very productive in summer too, however, bigger Cod generally come from the colder months. 


Subsurface Murray Cod Lures

Subsurface lures are a great way to fish the edges of impoundments and sharp drop-offs. Swimbaits and glide baits are becoming increasingly popular for Murray cod working exceptionally well on larger fish. Brands such as Jackall and Megabass have some awesome options with realistic finishes, while the Molix and the Shimano BT range offer some more affordable options that still catch good numbers of fish. Chin weights such as the TT Snacklockz can be added to achieve greater running depths when fishing in the lower water column. Larger soft plastic lures around the 6-10" range are more affordable than swimbaits and are highly versatile, able to be fished vertically down steep drops off and jigged at the base of standing trees. Another favorite lure of Murray Cod are Spinnerbaits and chatterbaits (mumblers) and they feature large blades and release lots of vibrations, often a good technique when targeting shut-down Cod.