Nomad BKK Hooks

BKK have been manufacturing Hooks since 1856, meaning they have tried and tested the best ways to make a strong hook and it shows in the quality across the BKK Range. When it comes to sharpness BKK use the latest technology and their Hand Ground Lure hooks are hard to beat. BKK Hooks are designed to catch the biggest fish and make sure they stay hooked to the very end. BKK Hooks are made in China with materials from Japan.

Bait Hooks

BKK’s range of bait hooks are strong and as reliable as you can get, if you are chasing big fish on bait then BKK hooks should be your first choice.

Lure Hooks

When it comes to lure hooks then BKK’s range is second to none. From the Raptor Z range of trebles, one of the few that won’t damage you stickbaits over time, to the Lone Diablos, many lure fisherman’s first choice when it comes to Single hooks for stickbaiting. The full range of BKK lure hooks have you covered for most application. All the heavy gauge BKK Lure trebles, singles and Jig hooks are hand ground for the sharpest points and tough so they won’t straighten on the fish of a lifetime.