Nomad Jigs

Nomad Jigs are tried, tested and proven on a host of large species of fish that lurk in the depths. The major point of difference with Nomad Jigs is that they come rigged with hooks and split rings that won’t bent or open on big fish. Nomad make two different types of jigs, the Nomad Streaker Jigs, and the Gypsy Jigs. The Nomad Streaker Jigs are designed for a faster retrieve that pelagics prefer, but can still be hopped close to the bottom for demersal species. The Gypsea Jigs are designed to target demersal species that feed closer to the bottom and the Nomad Gypsea Jig is more of a Typical slow jig. Both jig styles come in a range of weights to suit every depth of water from inshore reefs to grouper in 300m of water.