Nomad Riptide Stickbaits

Nomad Riptide Stickbaits like all Nomad lures were tried, tested and developed in the harshest of conditions on the largest fish that the Great Barrier reef has to offer. All Riptide stickbaits (aside from the 265) come with BKK Hardware and Hooks so you don’t have to do a thing to them, just throw them at the biggest fish possible straight out of the box. The Riptide range has many different sizes to suit any type of Pelagic species you can dream to catch. The Largest of the range is the Riptide 265 which comes unrigged and is a monster of a lure designed for the biggest fish in the world. The Riptide Stick baits have three sizes within the range that come in both Sinking and Floating, the 200, 155 and 125mm. Between these there is a lure that’s perfect for all large Pelagic Species. The newest addition to the Riptide Family, the 105mm heavy casting minnow, has proven itself to both the boat and land based fisherman as its small profile and heavy weight make cast like a bullet, and the small profile makes it an easy target for all pelagic species. The smallest in the range the Riptide 58mm catches whiting, bream, small Jacks, Big eye trevally and all fish that will eat a top water lure in an estuary.