Octopus style fishing hooks must have one of the largest ranges on the market, as most brands make an octopus hook. Octopus style hook are traditionally called a beak hook or Octopus Beak hook. Octopus Hooks have just become a spin off of those names. within the brands, there are a few that stand out. Gamakatsu Octopus hooks are a great product and they are a strong hook that is extremely sharp. Shogun and instinct Octopus style Beak hooks are probaly the best value Octopus hooks on the market and BKK Octopus hooks are tough as nails and great value for money. Black Magic have made a very good variation on the Octopus Beak hook and that is the C Point. The Balck magic C Points are an awesome hook that you will be very impressed with. At Ottos we are proud to stock a huge range of Octopus Style Beak hooks to suit many different styles of bait fishing.