Samaki Pacemaker Fishing Lures



The Samaki Pacemaker Trolling lures are relatively new to the market but have proven themselves as an awesome fish catching lure. The Samaki Pacemaker Trolling lures have 4 models in the range, the Samaki Pacemaker 140D, Samaki Pacemaker 140DD,  Samaki Pacemaker 180D and the Samaki Pacemaker 180DD.

The Samaki Pacemaker 140D will dive from 2m+  and the 140DD Will Dive from 4-6m. The Samaki Pacemaker 180D will dive to 2.5m+ and the Samaki Pacemaker 180DD will dive to 8-10m. This allows you to run the same profile at different depths behind the boat giving you a good depth range imitating a bait school.

What is the best lure Size to run for Tuna?

The best size to use for Tuna in the Samaki Pacemakers will vary with how what size bait the fish are eating and therefor focused on. But one thing to note when chasing Tuna is the faster the better so when running Samaki Pacemaker lures go as fast as they will go without them jumping out of the water as you can never go to fast for a Tuna to catch and the Speed excites them even more. Keep in Mind the Samaki Pacemaker 180DD is not a lure to run on light line (anything lighter than 10kg as it will pull drag due to the large bib.)

What is a good sized lure to run for Kingfish?  

The best size Samaki Pacemaker to run for Kingfish is the 140 and the 140DD as you will get different sized kingfish in the same area and big fish will still eat a small lure, thus the smaller 140 size will catch you more fish around.   

How to rig a Samaki Pacemaker?

We suggest rigging them by crimping a leader on and not using a snap clip, the snap clip can interfere with the lure bib preventing it from swimming properly. When crimping your leader on crimp a loop on the other end so you can them attach your snap clip to the leader and still change your lures with ease.

What is a good size Samaki Pacemaker for Mackerel?

If you are using lighter line then run the Samaki Pacemaker 180D and if you are fishing heavier then run the 180DD as Mackerel are aggressive feeders and the bigger lure will get the bite.