Shimano Evair Fishing and Boating Shoes

The Shimano Evair Fishing and Boating Shoes are an all-purpose shoe designed for wear with all things water related. They have open sides for quick draining and quick dying so they don’t absorb fishing and BO smells after use when they have been put away, and they also keep your feet cool. The Shimano Evair Shoes are  great for when you want to get your boat in and out of the water or wading through the shallows and want to protect your feet from oysters and cuts. The Shimano Evair Boat shoes are made from a single-piece of moulded EVA and are stylish and comfortable fishing and boating shoes.

Another Great Feature of the Shimano Evair Fishing and Boating Shoes is that they are non-marking and have non-skid soles which have just the right amount of stickiness meaning the tread doesn't collect small stones that can scratch gel coat or teak boat decks. The Evairs velcro locking strap means that once they're on, they're on for good.