The totally re-vamped Shimano Stradic Ci4  is a significant improvement over the previous range. Shimano Stradic Ci4 weight has been reduced by 5 grams or more, while other operational features have been improved to further reduce the feel of weight. This model has been developed around Shimano’s G-Free Body, where the oscillating system and worm drive have been moved closer to the stem of the reel. This lowers the reel’s centre of gravity and makes it feel lighter in the hand. To enhance the feeling of lightness and feather touch rotation, the new CI4 model comes with the latest Magnumlite rotor. The bail trip mechanism has been moved to the opposite side of the line roller, negating the need for a heavy bail hold support. Consequently, both sides of the rotor are now 22 per cent lighter , but the balance and rotation is improved with 22 per cent less inertia. The next upgrade was the inclusion of Coreprotect. Coreprotect is a protective water-repellent coating placed in the roller clutch and the line roller to prevent water entering these key areas. Finally, this series comes with Hagane Gear. Shimano’s cold forged gears are smoother, stronger and more durable than any others on the market. This gives the reel a much smoother gear transition, but also plenty of pulling power.


  • High Crank Power Rating
  • 66-99 Retrieve Range (cm)
  • 160-230 Weight Range (g)
  • CI4+
  • 3-11 Drag Power Range (kg)
  • High Cast Rating
  • Front Drag
  • 6+1

Warranty: Ten Years Shimano Fishing Australia warranty.


Description Gear Ratio Bearings Drag Power (kg)
CI4+ 1000 FB 5.0:1 6+1 3.0
CI4+ 2500 HG FB 6.0:1 6+1 9.0
CI4+ 3000 HG FB 6.0:1 6+1 9.0
CI4+ 4000 XG FB 6.2:1 6+1 11.0