Whiting FIshing Lures

What are the best lures for Whiting?


Once upon a time catching whiting on lures was a very difficult thing and to go and target whiting on anything other than live Worms or nippers was very unproductive, but now with the quality light tackle and lures available on the market you only need a little know-how and you can go and get your self a great feed of whiting or just simply have some great fun on them.

When it comes to catching whiting on lures there are a few techniques we find to be the most productive.


Whiting on topwater lures:

Whiting on topwater lures is first and foremost the most productive and exciting way but is a summer sport as whiting stop taking topwater lures when the winter sets in, this is mostly because a topwater lure imitates a prawn and when the prawns stop running then the whiting stop taking surface lures.

Technique: An ultralight rod is hands down the best rod to use with a very light braid as topwater lures for whiting are very specific and light so you need the gear to get the distance. When working small stick baits then a fast walk the dog action is best, this is achieved by shaking the rod tip and winding at the same time. When using poppers on whiting then simply pop the popper and don’t stop when you see the fish following the lure, but the same applies for the stick baits as whiting will shy away when the lure pauses. These techniques will also produce a lot of Bream, Tailor, and other species by catch.


Whiting on Vibes:

When it comes to the colder months whiting start feeding in the deeper water in channels and on deeper flats eating crabs and feeding in the mud on crustaceans so you will catch them by imitating what they are eating and the ultimate imitation of crabs and crustaceans in deep water are Vibes both soft and Hard, you will also get Trevally, Bream Flathead and most other species that frequent the estuaries as By Catch.  

Technique: A shorter light rod (no longer than 7ft) that is stiff as you can feel the vibe more and get better action from them due to the fact you can feel the lure working. We find short consistent vibes are by far the most productive way of catching whiting on vibes.